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Medical Referral Coordinator Cover Letter

Authorization Coordinator Cover Letter

Authorization coordinator cover letter should help the employer understand your skills and work knowledge. The main reason for writing the letter is to help your application stand out. When preparing this, it should include and cover the following four key areas.

  • Inform the employer the source from where you got the information about the job post.
  • Give a detail as why you are interested in the position.
  • Make a note that you do not include the same information which is in your resume.
  • Lastly, seek for an interview in a polite manner.

Below is a sample for authorization coordinator cover letter that will guide you to write your own cover letter and apply for such relevant jobs.

Sample Authorization Coordinator Cover Letter

Your name and address:


Recipient's address:

Dear Mr. / Mrs. (Last Name),

I would like to show my interest for the position of authorization coordinator that I recently found advertised in (mention the source for the job vacancy). I have included my resume for your further convenience and attention.

As you will see in my enclosed resume, I have a degree in administration office from (mention the name of the institute). I have had an opportunity to work as an authorization coordinator with (mention your previous employment place) for the past five years. My work responsibility included chief accountabilities in researching, determining and implementing authorization procedure with new and existing patients. In addition to this, I have a strong proficiency in computer programs and organizational process. I am great with communicating with doctors as well as patients and staffs and other medical officers.

I would be glad if you could schedule a time where I can come and meet you and speak further about my educational background and qualifications. You can call me at (insert your contact details) to discuss a time that will suit you.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Your name:

Enclosure: resume and work experience certificate

Tips to write a cover letter for authorization coordinator

Before you start with the writing of the letter, it is good to list out some of the basic points that you can include in the letter.

  • Set up the basic business format to draft the letter
  • List each piece of the information you possess as a subject
  • Draft the letter using your list and check it.

The content of the letter should clearly match with the requirement of the position. The cover letter should cover up all the bases of your information. It is best to include appropriate information that makes you an ideal candidate for the post. When addressing your essential skills, it is good to use the exact terms as those that is used in the advertisement. This is because; your letter may probably be screened by a pre-screened computer prior to the assessment by the interview panel.

Authorization coordinator cover letter is more or less marketing and showing off your superior skills so that it will help you stand out from the other candidates. However, keep your letter simple and to-the point and do not go out of the tract as this may confused the employer.

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Referral Coordinator Resume Samples

Referral Coordinators usually work in health care facilities where they perform tasks such as coordinating referral appointments, sending referral forms to health records, answering phone calls, transporting patients to specific facilities, and verifying insurance information. The strongest resume samples for Referral Coordinators emphasize customer service orientation, courtesy, a professional attitude, clerical expertise, familiarity with medical terms, organizational skills and IT competencies. Those seeking to work as Referral Coordinators need to make display of at least a high school diploma in their resumes or to hold a degree if they apply for medical jobs.

Looking for job listings? Check out our Referral Coordinator Jobs page.

Referral Coordinator

Responsible for completing referrals for 12 family practice providers.

  • Expedited patient referrals to specialty offices, faxed medical records, answered patient and specialty office calls and completed referral requests.
  • Ability to work independently and unsupervised maintaining a superior work ethic.
  • Called insurance companies for patients to obtain benefits and precertification.
  • Established a close working relationship with diagnostic imaging centers to facilitate urgent scheduling of MRI's and CT Scan's for high risk patients.
  • Knowledgeable with CPT and ICD-9 codes. High level of proficiency relating to medical terminology and strong healthcare background.
  • Entered referrals on line to Clarity Health Referral System. Excellent computer skills.
  • Prioritized work load and maintained an organized work space.

Medical Assistant/referral Coordinator

Utilized the Aprima System to handle referrals and other requests coming from various offices

  • Tracked prior authorizations from patient's insurance companies for things like MRI's CT Scans etc.
  • Maintained medical records for patient's, updated charts, composed invoices and accepted co-payment
  • Answered phones when needed, scheduled and confirmed appointments
  • Interacted with patients to discuss reason for visit and also worked in back office (Clinical) 3 days a week with the Doctor

Referral Coordinator

Established and maintained relationships with referral sources within seventeen counties

  • Coordinated referrals and completed patient assessments
  • Coordinated and provided in-services for referral sources
  • Attended/Exhibited at conferences and seminars
  • Organized facility tours
  • Made recommendations for brochures, pamphlets, or other marketing materials
  • Assisted with complaints/concerns and provided feedback to appropriate personnel
  • Monitored outside relationships with other facilities and other public relations activities

Unit Referral Coordinator

Manage and maintain the Extended Care and Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility referrals for appropriate placement.

  • Conduct insurance pre-certifications and maintain the inventory management of Assessment and Referral Center.
  • Conduct new hire screening, assist in interviewing candidates and facilitate the Error Prevention Training to newly hired employees.
  • Oversee payroll administration for the Assessment and Referral Center and Telecommunications staff.
  • Increased efficiency of payroll by 80% within one month of promotion by streamlining procedures with Kronos Payroll System software.
  • Monitor and provide weekly reports related to the staffing needs of Assessment and Referral Center.
  • Conduct routine analysis and provide reports as needed on a daily and weekly basis.
  • Successfully redesigned and implemented employee time sheets for greater effectiveness
  • Initiated unit-based and facility reward and recognition program, which created increase in employee engagement and fostered an environment that would enhance productivity.
  • Consolidated functions of two+ staff while maintaining efficiency levels by identifying redundancies and reorganizing workloads, thus saving organization $70,000 in annual salaries.

Referral Coordinator

Processed all referrals via phone, fax, and web and scheduled the evaluation date/time. Repetitively used the phone and computer to collect and transfer data to various computer systems.

  • Scheduled evaluation appointment dates, assigned children to Enrollment Coordinators and Therapists, conducted audit reports and reconciled necessary data confirming all info was correct in all systems and completed by the State required due dates.
  • Trained all oncoming staff on referral/intake process.
  • Translated for the Therapist and Clients during the evaluation or therapy session, and translated documents.
  • Prepared ECI pamphlets and public outreach presentations to give to service providers or public.

Patient Account Representative/referral Coordinator

Successfully implemented a clinic-wide referral workflow to ensure proper diagnoses and insurance coverage are established prior to appointments.

  • Established an effective and highly efficient workflow ensuring insurance-based authorizations are obtained for all diagnostic procedures (stress echocardiogram, nuclear test, echocardiogram, TEE, and various hospital procedures).
  • Strong skills in utilizing written, telephonic and online systems to obtain, verify, document and communicate referral and preauthorization information with the clinic and affiliate hospitals.
  • Processed office claims in EPIC workqueue; knowledgeable in cardiology-related CPT and ICD-9 codes.
  • Verified, updated and corrected patient-related information including registration, insurance information, and referrals on a daily basis.
  • Ability to effectively communicate patient account inquiries, and resolve insurance and billing issues by utilizing all resources for account resolution.
  • Strong competency in tracking daily clinic and outpatient procedure schedules.

Physician Referral Coordinator

Received and processed referrals based on standard procedures and policies of [company name].

  • Scheduled patient appointments with specialists and remind patients of the appointments.
  • Maintained liaison with insurance companies to ensure completion of all referral related activities.
  • Maintained records of completed as well as in-process referrals.
  • Obtained RQI's, Prior-Authorizations and delivered to required medical staff by fax.

Receptionist/referral Coordinator

Coordinated referrals for group of six primary care physicians including securing insurance pre-authorizations and recommending specialists.

  • Answered phones, scheduled appointments, and organized billing.
  • Handled patient intake on the appointment and walk in side of office
  • Generated charts for new patients and updated charts for existing patients.

Referral Coordinator

Management and triage of referrals for medicine specialties and radiographic imaging for 7-8 medical providers

  • Initiation and evaluation of referrals for home care, sleep studies and other ancillary medical purposes
  • Management and use of prior-authorization protocols for Medicare/Medicaid, Tricare and private insurers
  • Office communications liaison for medical vendors, hospital registrars, imaging facilities, professional home health, and medical specialists
  • Use of EMDs EMR to facilitate referral process; improved tracking method and implemented new referral process.

Licensed Vocational Nurse/referral Coordinator

Provided direct patient care under the direction of Nurse Practitioner and medical oncologist.

  • Administered injections and other medications, performed and ordered procedures and other testing related to patient care, assessed patients response to medications, chemotherapy and radiation therapy.
  • Welcomed new patients to practice, identified and introduced care providers, set expectations for program services.
  • Coordinated intake of new patient information including obtaining medical records, scheduling visit according to treatment plan.
  • Communicated with patients/families to assess needs and develop an individualized continuing care plan in collaboration with physician and all members of multidisciplinary team.
  • Monitored patient's progress to discharge, intervening as necessary and appropriate to ensure plan of care and services provided were patient focused, efficient and cost effective.
  • Collaborated and maintained active communication with patients, families, referring providers and healthcare companies in regards to patient status.
  • Ordered/obtained authorizations for initial and refills of medications/procedures reviewed and completed disability claim forms.
  • Triaged patients, patient-family education, managed physician schedules, reviewed and scheduled all patient appointments.


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