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Essayas Zewdie Nesibu


Creative Designer: Michael Wuhibe SelassiePhotographer : Yemane GebremedhinPhoto Editing andLayout Design: Magid AbdulazizBereket TeketelBisrat EngidaProofreading: Beruktayet MeseleProducer:

Publications Director: Biruk G/Medhin

Editors: Amanuel Gebru(Asst. Prof)Gizaw Yalew NegashBefekadu Bekele W/MariamTamirat Geremew DemissieSenior Editor: Hailu Habtu (PhD)Translators: Birhanu LudamoGetachew ArayaGirmay W/GiorgisBefekadu Bekele W/MariamWorku SharewSecretary: Seble Habte


We would like to thank and extend our gratitude to the Ministryof Defense, Ethiopian Telecommunications Corporation, Ethiopian ElectricPower Corporation, Addis Ababa Museum, Addis Ababa Water and Sew-age Authority, Ethio-Djibouti Railway Company, Tesfa G/Selassie PrintingEnterprise, Ethiopian Television, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, AU, UNECA,Sheraton Addis, Taytu Hotel, Ethiopian Postal Service, Yared Music School,National Theatre and Hager Fikir Theatre for allowing us to take suchwonderful pictures for inclusion in this publication.We would also like to thank the Children’s and Youth Theatreand Ato Eyob Eshetu for giving us important photographs along with theircomments and suggestions.In particular, We are grateful to Tibeb Studio and its staff fortheir devotion in making this publication elegantly superb.Finally, we would like to express our gratiutude to the editorsand intellectuals for their commitment in producing all the articles pub-lished in the Amharic and English versions of this publication. This publi-cation would not have been possible without their input.

The Addis Ababa Millennium Secretariat


Copyright © 2007 Addis Ababa Millennium Secretariat.

All rights reserved.

 No part of this publication may be reproduced in any form without permission in writing from the publisher (Addis AbabaMillennium Secretariat)The articles in this publication and the ideas they express are those of the authors and do not represent the official position of the Addis Ababa City Administration.

Members of the Addis Ababa Millennium Secre-tariat have contributed greatly in preparing thispublication.

Tewodros Zewdie: Deputy DirectorGenanaw Ketema: Television Desk OfficerNebyiu Tefera: Print Media Desk officerTekeste Girma: Radio Desk Officer Yonas Sime: Web DesignerSiti Sultan: Secretary

Message from the Editors

Ethiopia has its own calendar that is different from those of the rest of theworld. The present Ethiopian 2000 AD represents Ethiopia’s transition to awhole New Millennium. In view of the unique historic and cultural signifi-cance of this new Millennium, the Government of the Federal DemocraticRepublic of Ethiopia set up by proclamation a Millennium festival secretariatat the federal level while regional states and the city of Addis Ababa set uptheir own respective Millennium secretariats.The Millennium Secretariat of Addis Ababa set out, among other things, tocome up with a multilingual publication dealing with various of aspects thehistory of Addis Ababa. Early in 1999 E.C, it delegated the Projects, Informa-tion, Communication and Promotion Department to take up the task. Accordingly, topics were identified as legitimate subjects for historical inquiryembracing broad areas in science and technology, business and economics,language and the arts, tourism, diplomacy and a wide range of other inter-ests. University academics and experts from the civil service as well as fromother institutions were invited to contribute short articles for inclusion in theMillennium publication.The articles, originally submitted in Amharic, were reviewed and translatedfor this English issue, which we are pleased to present early in this yearlongMillennium festival. While these short articles cannot claim to provide in-depth historical analyses, they do bring to light the numerous features of the history of Addis Ababa in the last 120 years and, where relevant, carryprojections into the third Millennium.We trust that you will find the pieces interesting and informative and prom-ise that any lapses in this issue will be amended in the second edition of this historic publication.

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