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Space Electronics Corporation Case Study

See attached files for full problem description.

Are there any differences between Task Significance and Case Analysis Results? Are these differences valid?

How is the organization culture of the Space Electronics Corporation defined and what data did you use to make that judgment?

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Task Significance

The degree to which the job has a substantial impact on the lives of other people, whether in the same organization or in the external environment.

Task significance refers to how people like to feel that they have achieved something meaningful during his/her working day. It is important for them to see the importance of the tasks that are performed and how completion of these tasks contributes to the organization.

The way in which a person's job tasks are organized can have a direct impact on his/her mental and physical health, as well as on job performance. The tasks and the manner in which a job is organized can either complement good physical workstation design or detract from it. For example, ergonomically designed workstations will not eliminate all problems for individuals who perform repetitive work for 8 hours a day, day after day. Generally, health complaints can be significantly reduced if individuals are given a variety of tasks, as well as some control over their work. Rearranging activities can help alleviate fatigue and/or boredom.

What are ...


Renesas Electronics is one of the leading semiconductor manufacturers in Japan. Renesas deploys three major semiconductor solutions—solutions for devices, for kits, and for platforms—across a range of sectors including the automotive industry, manufacturing, home electronics, office automation, and information and communications technologies (ICT).
In order to maintain growth in a changing and highly competitive global semiconductor market, Renesas has been focusing on global standardization of their business processes by integrating the core systems that support the operations of the company's widely dispersed factories.


Optimization of the entire global value chain

Now that the system is up and running, the true value of the system will become increasingly apparent in the years ahead. Indeed, some of its beneficial effects are already manifest.
For example, production efficiency at the Malaysia plant, the first factory where the system was implemented, has been markedly improved by the new system. Production planning used to be done separately at the various factories by working out schedules on Excel spreadsheets, but by cutting over to the system, planners are able to grasp data from all the other sites at a glance. Factories are also able to get a detailed picture of their inventory and costs early on, and this will provide many benefits in terms of optimized parts procurement, shorter financial closing with reduced man-hours. At production sites, use of barcode management can be greatly extended to provide better control over information about materials, location management, and a host of other improvements.
Corporate headquarters will now be able to assemble all the information needed to generate future management strategies. Of course, Renesas has always had a way to gather information from the various factories, but unfortunately the core systems were different at each factory, which meant that the data had to be reformatted so it could be compared and combined.
"Now however, data obtained from corporate headquarters and factories can be integrated into the system which allows management information to be managed and utilized as is without reformatting," says Tajiri. "And if the latest data is needed at headquarters, it can be retrieved very quickly without causing extra work for staff at the factories."
Renesas plans to extend the system to the remaining three factories in the near future, and this will allow the company to achieve its original goal of standardizing business processes across the factories. Looking further ahead, this should help the company achieve its ultimate objective of optimizing its global value chain. Tajiri adds, "We have taken the first step toward integrating the company's core systems. By acting in concert with other in-house reform projects, we hope to put in place the optimum business environment."

Renesas innovates value chain through global dynamic production adjustment [2:34]

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Renesas Electronics Corporation

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