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Harvard Bibliography Journal Articles

What is referencing?

Referencing, or citing, is an essential component of academic writing, as it acknowledges the sources of information you have used to complete your assignments.

Referencing is important because it:

  • ensures that you are not open to accusations of plagiarism
  • identifies your sources and enables readers to locate them
  • acknowledges copyright and shows respect to the author for their work
  • demonstrates the validity or credibility of your arguments
  • demonstrates the extent to which you know the relevant literature
  • avoid plagiarism and academic misconduct (What is academic integrity and academic misconduct?)

What do you need to reference?

You are required to reference any information, ideas or data that are not your own, including when you have:

  • quoted another author, word for word
  • paraphrased or summarised information
  • defined terms
  • used tables, statistics or diagrams from a source

2017 Harvard Journal article reference – video transcript

Slide 1 This video will demonstrate how to reference a journal article  using Victoria University’s Harvard style.

Slide 2 Image on screen: In text- example. Open Bracket first author’s surname name, second author’s surname ampersand third authors surname year close bracket. Reference list example. Explanation: In Harvard Style you must acknowledge your sources of information in the text of your writing and in a reference list at the end. Brief details of your sources are provided in the text of your writing, full details are listed in the reference list. References in your reference list are listed in alphabetical order by the author’s last name.

Slide 3 Image on screen: Paragraph of text. Explanation: When presenting ideas or information from a source, include the authors’ surname and date of publication in brackets within the text of your writing. Where you refer to the author’s name in the body of the text, include the date of publication in brackets. When quoting directly from the source include the page number and place quotation marks around the quote.

Slide 4 Text on screen: Journal article details. Print and from electronic database. Image on screen: Database search page

Slide 5 Texton screen: Step 1 Author. Image on screen: Journal article citation and abstract from database page. Author’s name highlighted and added to Step 1 text box. First author’s surname, initial, second authors surname and initial ampersand third authors surname and initials. Explanation: When creating a reference for a journal article to  include in a reference list the first element is the author’s name.  Include each authors’ surname, followed by their initials.

Slide 6 Texton screen: Step 2 date of publication. Journal article citation and abstract from database page. Date of publication highlighted, publication year added to Step 2 text box.

Slide 7 Texton screen: Step 3 Article title. Journal article citation and abstract from database page. Article title in single quotation marks highlighted and added to Step 3 text box

Slide 8 Texton screen: Step 4 journal title. Journal article citation and abstract from database page. Journal title highlighted and added to Step 4 text box

Slide 9 Texton screen: Step 5 Volume and issue number. Journal article citation and abstract from database page Volume & issue number highlighted and added to Step 5 text box. Vol.(abbreviation) number, no. (abbreviation) number,

Slide 10 Texton screen: Step 6 page numbers. Journal article citation and abstract from database page. Page numbers highlighted and added to Step 6. pp. (abbreviation) page number.

Slide 11 Texton screen: Elements of a reference. Author’s name, date, Article title, Journal title (in italics), volume, issue number, page numbers. Reference example: Grohe, B, Schroeder, J & Davis, SRB 2013, ‘Using online resources to improve writing  skills and attitudes about writing and plagiarism of criminal justice students’,  Journal on Excellence in College Teaching, vol. 24, no. 1, pp. 23-45.

Slide 12 More detailed information on Harvard referencing is available on the VU Harvard Libguide (http://libraryguides.vu.edu.au/harvard) or go to contacts and help on the Library website to contact Library staff.

(video ends)

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