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Essay On My Brother

My Family: My Brother Essay

My brother and I have spent half of our lives arguing with each other. We dispute over everything in the world. We quarrel so often that our parents complain home has been very quiet since we studied abroad. Sometimes I feel tired. Sometimes I think my brother is the most hateful person I ever met. Sometimes I wish he never existed. Nevertheless … sometimes, I realize that my life would be insipid without him. I never want to admit this and I know I would regret if my brother ever read these sentimental lines because he would laugh at my face. However, I must say I have learned many things from my brother. He may be perverse, obstinate and sometimes disrespectful, but he is always the one who has taught me to be a persevering person who never abandons her aims.
I lived in Ho Chi Minh City, the biggest and the most active region in the country. Therefore, the traffic was always heavy, noisy and scary. Within the framework of the chaotic traffic, no one noticed that my brother and I had stood by the roadside for half an hour. Mom was busy, so she could not pick us up after school. Consequently, for the first time, we had to cross the road by ourselves. It seemed to be an impossible mission to us, a seven-year-old girl and a six-year-old boy, because the traffic at rush hour was even more frightening. However, we did not give up because my brother did not give up. “We can’t. We could get hit,” I kept warning, but my brother, being stubborn like always, paid no attention to my words and insisted: “Let’s try. We have never tried. How can you know we can’t? Other kids do it all the time. Be careful and we’ll be fine.” He held my hand tightly and looked straight at me. Though his hand was trembling and sweating, his eyes reflected great determination. Finally, I was convinced. Gradually we moved forwards. Giant buses or big vans might scare us; nonetheless, we never stopped trying. My brother and I might disagree about many things but we did have one point in common: we did not like to be quitters.
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My Disabled Brother Essay

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Essay on My Brother

My brother is the most loveable person in my life. His name is Rahul and he is 21 years old, there is 4 years gap in between we two of us. Most siblings are always the most fighting peoples, and they never do anything together but my brother and I are not like that, we do everything together because we both love each other as he is my elder brother, he loves me a lot. We both live happily and throughout my life, he is my role model and I like to be more like him.

When I was 5 years, I would follow my brother around everywhere, I was the cute younger sister of my brother. This could be seen as a good or a bad thing. I was exposed to many things. In childhood, I was always hanging out with my brother and his friends, this also helped me to mature earlier. There is a phase in the younger years when we were in school my brother was very good in studies and I was not good in studies, that time he helped me in my studies very well. He was good enough to manage his studies and as well as mine.

Later, I become better in my studies and my parents felt very proud of my brother. He was self-dedicated and self-motivated towards his studies and career, today he is doing his masters. And always motivate me in the right direction, my brother is more than my parents to me because they are not worried about me as my brother takes care of me. I was always having an advantage of having an elder brother, I was getting the real-life experience by him and it helped me to get the best decision in my life.

I have always been in competition with my brother; I strive to be as good as or better than he is. He was always bigger and faster than I was so if we wrestled I would get beat, and if we raced he would leave me in the dust. This helped me to build the confidence and boost me to improve myself. Sometimes we had fought on small thing, and he was the one who always compromises in everything. He is loved by my parents and other family members, he was always getting the excellent marks in school and college. He was good in sports and many fields, I can say that he is an all-rounder. My brother is very ambitious and always dedicated to his work. He starts his day by doing exercises and after that, he gets ready for college and after college, he is doing a part-time job. He is having a strict schedule of whole day and when he comes home at night we have some time together to talk about our day.

I am having a good relationship with my brother and I love him so much. He is an ideal and role model for me.

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