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Love At First Sight Argumentative Essay Graphic Organizer

Interesting Ideas For An Opinion Essay About Love At First Sight

Does the idea of falling in love the first time you see a person seem realistic and possible to you. Do you agree or do you disagree/ this subject can make for a great opinion paper. Use our hints and suggestions on the topic.

Several Innovative and Interesting Ideas on a Love at First Sight Opinion Essay

  • Take a side, pro or con to the general question
  • Explore if the phenomena is lasting
  • What are the symptoms of this strange occurrence beyond falling head over heels, prove your answer
  • Can it happen at any age, or does one age range (such as teenagers) have a higher occurrence than others
  • Is it just a fleeting emotion than is more akin to lust than it is to actual love, why or why not
  • What has the greatest example of this occurrence in novels, the movies, or in real life
  • What does science, if any role, have to do with this event
  • How do you know if this attraction will last, what signs are there for exploration

Once you select your topic for your piece, there will be some very important things for you to remember. You have to make sure that:

  • The paper is still written in an academic tone even though the subject seems lighter, use third person point of view, and follow all academic writing rules
  • The paper will still need sources, you could interview people who have experienced this, scientists, experts on love marriage counselors, and such people
  • Because you will have sources, you will still have intext citations and you will be required to have a reference page, you will want to find out what style the teacher wants you to use (such as MLA or APA) and if the teacher wants a Works Cited or Bibliography reference page
  • When you look for written references online or at the media center, make sure to use the academic databases, not the advice from a 13 year who wrote a blog about falling head over heels for someone
  • Always turn to help if you find you do not know what you are doing in this composition, you can go see your teacher, get peer help, go to the writing lab, hire a tutor, use a model, use a template, or turn to a professional writing group for your assistance

How To Compose An Excellent Descriptive Essay On Love At First Sight

Love is a beautiful feeling and most valued emotions in the world. It can be rewarding to accept someone with all their imperfections and do not have any biases. People often consider that love should be equal on both sides; however, this is not the case. One should not be demanding when in love because it is all about giving. It can have various forms including caring, generosity, respect, shyness, devotion, and dedication. Loving someone requires the person to stay positive and give him or her true devotion. People believe that they can fall in love the moment they see someone for the first time. It feels right when you see this person for the first time and the entire world changes around you.

If you are to write a descriptive essay about love at first sight then you need to understand the purpose and structure of a descriptive essay first. A descriptive paper means that you need to explain the subject and describe in detail to your readers. You would need concrete examples to add in your paper so that you can easily make the subject relate able for your readers. It is easier for a reader to understand your subject when you quote examples. A good paper requires high quality information, relevant data and no repetition. If your paper has redundant information in different paragraphs, then the reader will not find it of high quality. You need to compose an excellent paper so that you can receive a higher grade and impress your teacher.

The format of all essays stays the same so you do not have to worry about that. You need to start with a good introduction where you will present your topic to the readers. The introduction of your paper is the first impression your readers will get so you need to make sure that you engage that they get a good impression. You can include a thesis statement if any, by the end of your introduction paragraph. The second section contains the boy paragraphs where you need to explain the content of your paper. You need to develop your major arguments and dedicate each body paragraph to one argument. Use supporting evidence to prove your arguments. The last paragraph in your paper is the conclusion. This is where you need to provide a summary of your essay

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