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Persuasive Essay Hats School

  • There ugly and no respect

    Gang colors there no respect hiding guns and drugs there is so much and i got to say no and people think there cool because they wear hats they have bad things on them . Teachers don't like them either. Some people make fun of people have really ugly hats.

  • No hats rule is a safer environment

    Hats allow a person to go unseen in the view of a security camera. A person who violates school protocol can commit the act in plain view of cameras without their identity being outed. Naturally kids can try to push boundaries in the school, getting into other's lockers or breaking into a classroom. Hiding under a hat could make these acts easier to get away with.

  • Just adding on

    I hope you have a good day and then you can go back to school from your school or iPad and your phone and you can tell them how it works and then they can go to Jacob then they have a school and find them and then you show them you have something.NOW IM ADDING ON TO WHAT I SAID IN MY LAST ANSWER: I would rather have sex with my sister than wear a hat and get distracted and bad grades.

  • Hats keep head heat in

    If you are wearing a hat you have less chance of getting sick. Because you lose most of your from your head if your wearing a hat it keeps the heat in your head allowing you to get sick less. Getting sick is bad because you vomit have a fever and feel terrible

  • They should be banned

    The Manteca Unified Board of Trustees, Deborah Romero asked why kids aren't allowed to wear beanies. Teachers think it’s a distraction to the kids and the teachers when they are trying to teach. Schools have a no hat rule, partially because the different colors represent gangs. Teachers tell the students to take off their beanies, but why? Many people have gone deeper into this rule, to find that one of the reasons wearing hats is banned is because when you take off your hat, it is a sign of respect. A music teacher decided to investigate this. One night, she went to her elementary’s music program. She saw that many people were wearing hats. She observed that the “behavior” levels were more disruptive. More people got up during the program, and more people let their children get up and mess around. This is what happens because people wear hats.

    Many teens and even younger kids wonder why they can’t wear hats in school. Well, the answer is simple. Wearing hats is disrespectful. It can also represent gang logos or pictures to identify who is in their group. Also, wearing hats sideways can show gangs. Many people have found that teens have cheated on tests because they pull their hat down, and they have the answers to the questions inside. Nowadays, we think of so many things to do that are wrong, we now have to ban hats. We cheat with hats, we represent gangs with hats and the ways we wear them. How have we come up with so many ways to do bad things, so that we cannot enjoy just a small hat? One school surveyed one hundred students, and only four answered that they didn't want to have hats worn inside. Forty- nine said that they didn’t care, and forty-seven surveyed that they wanted hats to be allowed to be worn inside. Many people are not aware of the effects of teens wearing hats or what they can represent. These little things caused us to ban hats.

    We have many reasons we don't allow hats. One is because of head lice. When the teachers see a student scratching their head, then they start thinking ‘why are they wearing their hats in school. A reason why they wear the hats may be because they have the case ‘bed head. That is no good reason for them to wear hats, or beanies, for that matter. The other reason is that the teacher thinks that if some of her students have lice, they shouldn't share hats. Beanies are also associated with gangs. Initials, colors, and graffiti are some of the things that are used for gangs. These are on beanies, hats, and clothing. These are among some of the many reasons that we ban hats and beanies from dress codes.

  • Hats in general should not be allowed as an everyday thing for schools

    Hats in a learning environment could cause distractions in the classroom. For example, a hat can fall off or be snatched off of someones head at anytime during a class discussion or a directional activity. A hat can also be a distraction by it being too tall or too vibrant to the student sitting behind whoever has the hat. Hats can carry lice and other bugs or can be unsanitary to the next person to wear the hat.

  • Respect and etiquette

    It is an old military tradition that started to respect the monarchy. It is still done in the military , in government buildings, in a house of worship, schools, funerals, libraries and during a parade if a national flag passes. Out of respect and etiquette we carry this tradition on. Society has these rules like holding a door open or saying thank you. We could live without them but our society works better with them.

  • They should be banned

    They should be banned because if people have lice and they want to switch their hats they could get sick. So they would not would not be able to come to school and learned. Some schools have security cameras and with a hat they could go unseen. Some people like to cheat with the answers on hats.

  • No, hats should not be allowed in school.

    Hats should not be allowed in school, because they can be distracting when present in a classroom. The shadow a brimmed hat can cause can also make it difficult for a teacher to see if students are paying close attention during a class lecture. Perhaps one of the main reasons they shouldn't be allowed is that they are a very casual or sporty accessory, and may encourage kids not to take school seriously.

  • Sport teems logos

    I am a sharks fan and i have a sharks hockey hat and if someone flips off my hat that is lets say a Penguins fan then i will react and ether punch them cuz they got to close to my hair (i am a girl what can i say) or do the same thing and flip off there hat. But the thing is that people react and go straight to the punch and then that starts a fight.

  • Implementing Uniforms into Schools Essay

    1679 Words7 Pages

    Implementing Uniforms into Schools

    The argument whether uniforms should be implemented in school has been debated over the last few decades. By implementing a uniform policy within schools would help reduce the rise of violent crimes. In today’s high schools, too many innocent youths become fatalities due to gang warfare that has spread into the school system. Many parents feel that if a uniform policy was implemented , the spread of gang warfare and the idea that children have to have name brand clothing would decrease drastically. However others are worried that this policy would infringe on students First Amendment Rights with expressing themselves. Many parents are worried that the uniforms will cost too much and they will only…show more content…

    According to statistics, the majority of the population supports implementing school uniforms.

    Parents all over the United States fear that their children might be attacked inadvertently for wearing the wrong color scarf or hat that might provoke rivalry among local gangs. Many parents of children victims of gang warfare would like to see uniforms instituted in all schools. According to Dale Stover, “In gang-ravaged Los Angeles, as well as other communities with gang activity, a dress code also helps maintain peace among rival groups by prohibiting the wearing of clothing associated with local gangs” (Sauerwein 1). Opponents of the policy believe that other factors have to do with the lowering of crime within the school system. Dennis Evans believes that “Where gang members are concerned, the wearing of school uniforms will be cosmetic at best and will not change the gang mentality or reduce the potential of antisocial gang related behavior, either on campus or off. Ironically, mandating the wearing of school uniforms might even make it easier to be a gang member and school administrators could no longer readily recognize the trapping of the gangs” (Hirsch 54).

    Once a child becomes a gang member, they always will be no matter what they are wearing. Other children will know who the gang members are just by word of mouth. Whether a child is forced to conceal their identity, or not, the problem of gangs will always persist in

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